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Your own, “no software”, data shredder

Junk file creation

By data shredder I mean deleting data on a re-writable storage medium beyond recovery by normal methods. You might have heard of recovery of deleted files using special software, similarly, there are software available to delete data/files rendering them unrecoverable.

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Browsing privacy at public places & work

Many times we run into situations where we are required to use a public or a friend’s computer for work or personal work, like paying bills, buying stuff online etc, with this comes a privacy problem of privacy where you might accidentally leaving browsing/download history, login cookies (i.e. remember me/stay signed in etc) or chances of browsers saving form data & passwords. Private browsing or Incognito mode as some browsers feature it is the answer to the problem.

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Taking screenshots on your Android phone

ShootMe - Screen Capture app for Android

There are quite a few apps which let you take screenshots on your Android phone, the apps can be divided into two categories, one which required the phone to be rooted to work and the other where the app will work on an unrooted phone too. Here is a list of screenshot taking apps with their virtues & vices so that you can decide which one to use.

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Optimizing Firefox, Advanced Tips

Firefox Tips
  • Are you a heavy user of firefox?
  • Do each of your browsing session consists of 5 or more open tabs?
  • Do you tend to use firefox for hours?
  • Are you a heavy user of multiple addons?

If you replied yes to all of those, I can safely say that I can definitely help you out.

Firefox is definitely a wonderful browser, just the browser which power users need, it not only makes the web more personal but gives the full power in the hands of the users .. however like a powerful horse, unless you tame it you cannot ride smoothly on it.

I had noticed that firefox consumes 1.5gb of memory on my 3gb RAM equipped laptop, I went on hunting and found out the following alarming information, solution provided along with for your ease ..

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Setup Gmail & Contacts your iPhone/iPod

Setting up GMail, Google Contacts & Calendar sync is not just a matter for few clicks, so here we are with a step-by-step guide to configuring Google Sync on your iPad/iPod/iPhone. This is only supported on iOS version 3 & above, you can check your current version by going to Settings > General > About > Version and upgrade if required.

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Dropbox tips! Public Photo Gallery

Dropbox, use it like a pro. Public Photo Gallery

Say you recently collected your favorite photos of your watch models, you want to share with your friends, collecting the photos took you just 10 minutes, now sharing and giving to friends should take less than 1 minute. But we know in real world, to do that fast you will have to email those 20 photos or upload back to some photo sharing site and share the links. Here’s where dropbox comes to rescue..

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Dropbox tips! Auto Backup & Versioning

Dropbox, use like a pro. Auto Backup & Versioning

Most of the times when you store a file in your dropbox, you need to edit it at some point of time, be it notes or shopping list or a cool piece of program. Here at go-geeks we tend to set our editor program’s backup directory in a dropbox folder.

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SMS Backup Apps for Android

SMS Backup Restore by Ritesh Sahu

With unlimited SMS storage we seldom delete SMS messages and gradually they pile up, navigating the SMS inbox becomes tough and you feel like deleting all messages, but then there are some you don’t want to delete. Also, rarely though, you might flash your Android phone or would like to factory reset it, and you might want to backup your precious SMS messages.

SMS backup & restore apps, backup & restore your SMS messages, on-demand or automatically, in common XML or in a binary format. We’ll look into the features of a few such apps.

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Screenshot on your Iphone no app or jailbreaking required

Taking a Screenshot on iOS

We know jailbreaking your iphone or ipod touch voids your warranty.
And you might have to shell out hard earned money to buy those screenshot taking apps in app store.

Also why install something when its already built in.
Here’s how you can take a screenshot on your iOS device easily the native way
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Free facebook T-Shirts! Truth Behind

facebook tshirt scam

Have you been seeing these kind of offers in your Facebook news feed lately? Are you wondering, when will your T-Shirt arrive and you will unpack the wonderful gift from Facebook. Your friends have already received the gifts they are proudly showing off the pictures on Facebook and you got left out, maybe the stock was finished and yours didn’t come Read more »

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