Free facebook T-Shirts! Truth Behind

facebook tshirt scam

Have you been seeing these kind of offers in your Facebook news feed lately? Are you wondering, when will your T-Shirt arrive and you will unpack the wonderful gift from Facebook. Your friends have already received the gifts they are proudly showing off the pictures on Facebook and you got left out, maybe the stock was finished and yours didn’t come

Here’s a sample scam website guiding you to the fake T-Shirt


And here’s the scammers guiding you to give away yourself to their dirty tricks

Believe it, this is just the most harmless trick pulled off by some social virus, which can become very harmful someday. The same friends showing off free t-shirt can post photos of some gruesome killing or some x-rated photos and it can also be you doing the same for your friends on their precious Facebook homepage.

When you or your friends followed the steps as mentioned by the t-shirt getting scam link, you gave the scammer  the  capability to upload photos on your behalf by giving away your personalized upload email as provided by facebook.

If you want to get rid of this scammer having access to your account follow the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Under – Upload via Email – click on – Send me my upload email.
  3. Then u will get a pop screen about – Upload Photos via email.
  4. On the bottom there is a link – refresh your upload email.
  5. Click on that to reset the personal Facebook email address.
    (note:this reset can made only for a limited no. of times)

Finally, learn a Lesson that nothing comes free so easily.

Definitely Spread this knowledge as much as you can for everybody’s benefits. At least share this page with your friends so that you don’t have to see some x-rated or bad images on your facebook homepage

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