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Secure your android phone from Kids. Save Money.

Secure your android phone from being billed for apps and in-app billing

Have you ever thought if you ever gave your android phone to some inquisitive kid what might happen.

My friend’s kid often plays with my phone and installs free kids apps that use in app billing and I have to watch over his shoulder not to buy something for hefty dollars. Few times he managed to buy few apps which I refunded, thankfully.

Here’s another complaint:

My son just ordered $150 or credits in-app from Game Insight. As it is in app there is no way to cancel the order other than sending an email. I hope I can get a refund….

And the complaints have kept on pouring, here’s an easy solution which doesn’t require cancelling your credit cards .. Read more »

Play Snake on any youtube video

How many times have you sat in front of your monitor just the video to start.. hoping for a faster start of the video. You don’t have to be bored while waiting for that cool youtube video you are about to watch.

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Optimizing Firefox, Advanced Tips

Firefox Tips
  • Are you a heavy user of firefox?
  • Do each of your browsing session consists of 5 or more open tabs?
  • Do you tend to use firefox for hours?
  • Are you a heavy user of multiple addons?

If you replied yes to all of those, I can safely say that I can definitely help you out.

Firefox is definitely a wonderful browser, just the browser which power users need, it not only makes the web more personal but gives the full power in the hands of the users .. however like a powerful horse, unless you tame it you cannot ride smoothly on it.

I had noticed that firefox consumes 1.5gb of memory on my 3gb RAM equipped laptop, I went on hunting and found out the following alarming information, solution provided along with for your ease ..

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Dropbox tips! Public Photo Gallery

Dropbox, use it like a pro. Public Photo Gallery

Say you recently collected your favorite photos of your watch models, you want to share with your friends, collecting the photos took you just 10 minutes, now sharing and giving to friends should take less than 1 minute. But we know in real world, to do that fast you will have to email those 20 photos or upload back to some photo sharing site and share the links. Here’s where dropbox comes to rescue..

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Dropbox tips! Auto Backup & Versioning

Dropbox, use like a pro. Auto Backup & Versioning

Most of the times when you store a file in your dropbox, you need to edit it at some point of time, be it notes or shopping list or a cool piece of program. Here at go-geeks we tend to set our editor program’s backup directory in a dropbox folder.

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