Solution for Copy Paste or right click disabled in Websites Chrome

Do you hate those pesky javascripts. Majority of the banking, utility bill payment etc so called secured websites try to limit their users by putting up limitations on their users ability to copy and paste. I totally disagree on this limitation because if you are copying from a reliable source, maybe from a vault app or even from a plain vanilla notepad, you are actually more confirmed about the data rather than typing it out yourself.

Here’s how you can avoid the limitations easily, without installing anything else in Chrome.

Its easy, just hit F12 (Or Ctl+Shift+I) to bring up the developer tools in Chrome.

Click on Settings icon Copy-Paste-1


In General section Check “Disable Javascript” (Refer to Image below:)Copy-Paste-2

Voila you will be able to copy paste, right click etc.. whatever restriction might have been put on that page.

Do copy pasting etc to your heart’s content and then just uncheck the “Disable Javascript” again so that if there are any form validations before submission happens.

This has been checked to be working with banking/financial sites too and can be safely used. But do use it responsibly.

You must be aware that there are chrome addons which does let you right click and copy. But you need to install them right? Well not any longer.


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