Dropbox tips! Auto Backup & Versioning

Dropbox, use like a pro. Auto Backup & Versioning

Most of the times when you store a file in your dropbox, you need to edit it at some point of time, be it notes or shopping list or a cool piece of program. Here at go-geeks we tend to set our editor program’s backup directory in a dropbox folder.

Now whenever we need back the file even if deleted we can get it back by just clicking on the deleted files button


Now here comes the interesting part, you can get back your old revisions as well, a cool way to get back lost program codes, keep hidden love notes. We enjoy keeping a hassle free SVN in this way

In these series of dropbox tips we will list few of the advanced tips and tricks of dropbox usage which nobody ever told you .. Though these are advanced but doing it will be fairly easy, you don’t need to be a complete nerd to do these.

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  1. I think that the free account has a limit on the no. of revisions & the time period for which revisions and deleted files are stored.

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