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Android or iPhone iOS ? How to decide easily?

If you are wondering to buy a new phone and wondering which one to go with, here’s a definitive guide and 5 question set which will help you take your decision. Remember both android and iOS are powerful operating system and matured, so unless you give some time on the questionnaire, you might take a bad decision.  Read more »

Instagram, Benefits of Using over traditional Camera

Why use Instagram?

We all know photos taken by our mobiles will never be the same like the ones taken by costly dedicated cameras. Whenever a camera is in sight it supercedes the poor mobile in the pocket. Now instagram changes it all. With instagram being already available on iOS and as well as android.. its got to be something for you to try out

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Copy text, url from firefox to android/iphone

You must already have scanned bar codes to download apps, browse urls from your desktop to your mobile, isn’t it very convenient, requires no typing and no extra app installation for copy pasting, everything happens via the bar-code image. Read more »

Screenshot on your Iphone no app or jailbreaking required

Taking a Screenshot on iOS

We know jailbreaking your iphone or ipod touch voids your warranty.
And you might have to shell out hard earned money to buy those screenshot taking apps in app store.

Also why install something when its already built in.
Here’s how you can take a screenshot on your iOS device easily the native way
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