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Copy text, url from firefox to android/iphone

You must already have scanned bar codes to download apps, browse urls from your desktop to your mobile, isn’t it very convenient, requires no typing and no extra app installation for copy pasting, everything happens via the bar-code image. Read more »

Browsing privacy at public places & work

Many times we run into situations where we are required to use a public or a friend’s computer for work or personal work, like paying bills, buying stuff online etc, with this comes a privacy problem of privacy where you might accidentally leaving browsing/download history, login cookies (i.e. remember me/stay signed in etc) or chances of browsers saving form data & passwords. Private browsing or Incognito mode as some browsers feature it is the answer to the problem.

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Optimizing Firefox, Advanced Tips

Firefox Tips
  • Are you a heavy user of firefox?
  • Do each of your browsing session consists of 5 or more open tabs?
  • Do you tend to use firefox for hours?
  • Are you a heavy user of multiple addons?

If you replied yes to all of those, I can safely say that I can definitely help you out.

Firefox is definitely a wonderful browser, just the browser which power users need, it not only makes the web more personal but gives the full power in the hands of the users .. however like a powerful horse, unless you tame it you cannot ride smoothly on it.

I had noticed that firefox consumes 1.5gb of memory on my 3gb RAM equipped laptop, I went on hunting and found out the following alarming information, solution provided along with for your ease ..

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