Browsing privacy at public places & work

Many times we run into situations where we are required to use a public or a friend’s computer for work or personal work, like paying bills, buying stuff online etc, with this comes a privacy problem of privacy where you might accidentally leaving browsing/download history, login cookies (i.e. remember me/stay signed in etc) or chances of browsers saving form data & passwords. Private browsing or Incognito mode as some browsers feature it is the answer to the problem.

Private browsing mode ensures, no data is saved when the browser exists, data means everything from history to cookies & form data etc. so you don’t have to worry about people knowing what you were doing and it ensure passwords/form data is not saved. Below you’ll find how to enable ‘private browsing’ in different browsers.


Tools -> Start Private Browsing (Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+P)

Firefox will save current session and switch to private browsing, current session will be restored when you are done with private browsing, sadly it does not allow private browsing & normal browsing modes to be used simultaneously.

Google Chrome / Chromium

Wrench tool -> New incognito window (Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N)Private Browsing in Chrome/Chromium

Chrome will open up a new private browsing window for you, so you may also continue using normal mode.

Internet Explorer

Tools -> InPrivate Browsing (Shortcut Ctrl+Shift+P)

Private Browsing in Internet Explorer

Just like Chrome, IE will open up a new private browsing window and allow you to simultaneously in both modes.

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