Don’t buy Reliance Jio’s JioFi Device or JioPhone – Avoid at all cost

Thinking of buying the JioFi device by reliance or to be precise any device by Jio?

Please don’t, they are not simply worth the amount you pay for, you might be risking your life or body parts. Listen to my story first please



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Solution for Copy Paste or right click disabled in Websites Chrome


Do you hate those pesky javascripts. Majority of the banking, utility bill payment etc so called secured websites try to limit their users by putting up limitations on their users ability to copy and paste. I totally disagree on this limitation because if you are copying from a reliable source, maybe from a vault app or even from a plain vanilla notepad, you are actually more confirmed about the data rather than typing it out yourself.

Here’s how you can avoid the limitations easily, without installing anything else in Chrome.

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Sync personal ebooks with notes, bookmarks reading position on your Kindle

Amazon Kindle Syncing Across Devices

So amazon has this amazing feature called whispersync :

If you read the same Kindle Store book across multiple Kindles, you’ll find Whispersync makes it easy for you to switch back and forth. Whispersync synchronizes the bookmarks and furthest page read among devices registered to the same account. Whispersync is on by default to ensure a seamless reading experience for a book read across multiple Kindles.
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Google Authenticator: Moving To A New Phone


Getting a new HTC One left me wondering how will I move Google Authenticator from my HTC Legend, I didn’t want to do everything all over. To my amazement I found Google has come up with a solution for a situation like this, it’s the “Move to a different phone” option in 2-step authentication setting page. It was a breeze switching to a new phone. Install Google Authenticator on your new phone and follow the “Move to a different phone” link.


Monitor Files & Directory For Modifications With PHP

One can monitor for changes to files & directories, including events like open, close, new file, delete, rename & all other file/directory operations.

The following code snippet should be self-explanatory:

$data_file = '/var/data/my_data_file.txt';

$inotify_fd = inotify_init();

$watch_descriptor = inotify_add_watch($inotify_fd, $data_file, IN_OPEN);

while (1)
$events = inotify_read($inotify_fd);
$filepath = $events['name'];

print "File opened";

inotify_rm_watch($inotify_fd, $watch_descriptor);


Electronic Arts Free Games! Free ITunes Gift Vouchers


Get Bad Company 2, ME: Infiltrator, etc for free

Free Games you can get today:
Battlefield 2: Bad Company
Mass Effect Infiltrator
The Sims 3
Mirror’s Edge
Skate It by EA
Lemonade Tycoon
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List Modified Filenames In Git

I was working on a few enhancement features of an existing project, after a few weeks work I was required to make some completed features live, so I was wondering what all files have been modified. So the Git versioning came to help, and by specifying two commit SHA1s I was able to retrive the list of files modified between the commits. Here’s how to do it,

$ git diff --name-only afd98 a3d55

Monitor Directory For New Files With WSH

Sajal wanted to monitor a directory, detect new file(s) and open them in their associated applications, I remember monitoring directory for changes in Linux in a Perl script. Doing something similar on Windows it seemed tough, but a after a little pondering I remembered about Windows Script Host (WSH), and after a bit of googling, coding, trial and errors, I came up with a script which does all that is required, it’s written in VBScript.

strDrive = "D:"
strFolder = "\\dropbox\\downloads\\"
strComputer = "."
intInterval = "5"

' Connect WMI service
Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _
& "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & _
strComputer & "\root\cimv2")

' build query
strQuery =  "Select * From __InstanceCreationEvent" _
& " Within " & intInterval _
& " Where Targetinstance Isa 'CIM_DataFile'" _
& " And TargetInstance.Drive='" & strDrive & "'"_
& " And TargetInstance.Path='" & strFolder & "'"

' Execute notification query
Set colMonitoredEvents = objWMIService.ExecNotificationQuery(strQuery)

' get a shell application object
Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("Shell.Application")

Set objLatestEvent = colMonitoredEvents.NextEvent
' strip out the real path
Response = Split(objLatestEvent.TargetInstance.PartComponent, "=")
' remove slash & quotes
FileName = Replace(Response(1), """", "")
FileName = Replace(FileName, "\\", "\")
' open the file in it's associated program
WshShell.ShellExecute FileName, "", "", "open", 1
Wscript.Echo FileName

GTA3, Shazam, Mini Motor Racing under a dollar, Longest day sale


Google play store is offering few high priced apps and games at giveaway price, Grand Theft Auto 3 by Rockstar Games is generally priced at 4.99 USD.. its very much worth the $5 price tag but at .99 its a steal.

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Android or iPhone iOS ? How to decide easily?

android vs iphone[3]

If you are wondering to buy a new phone and wondering which one to go with, here’s a definitive guide and 5 question set which will help you take your decision. Remember both android and iOS are powerful operating system and matured, so unless you give some time on the questionnaire, you might take a bad decision.  Read more »

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