Android or iPhone iOS ? How to decide easily?

If you are wondering to buy a new phone and wondering which one to go with, here’s a definitive guide and 5 question set which will help you take your decision. Remember both android and iOS are powerful operating system and matured, so unless you give some time on the questionnaire, you might take a bad decision. 

iPhone Advantages

  • Sleek UI
  • Easy to use
  • Easy compatibility with Mac/iTunes
  • Developers heaven, games/apps released first on iphone.
  • Less customization option means less chance of a damage.
  • Better integration with Mac/iTunes

Android Advantages

  • More customization options
  • Not locked in, its just like a open file system
  • Huge alternatives for daily apps like music player/sms apps etc, creating healthy competition
  • Better integration with Gmail/Google products
  • Hundreds of ROMs / also lots of launchers with hundreds of themes for personalization.
  • Being open source means a lot for the developers.
  • Widgets functionality




If still you are undecided, here are five questions which if you ask yourself, you will know what to go with.

  1. Do you use Mac or Windows or Linux?
    If you feel more comfortable on Mac definitely get the iphone, you feel more at home.
    Definitely get an android if you are a windows user and like to keep on tinkering with registry and other power options.
    Or also get an android if you are a linux user.
  2. Are you already using google products?
    Do you have your primary email account on gmail
    or do you like to use google maps
    or you have started to love google+
    get an android, integration of google products are much better on android than on iphone
  3. Do people in your family or friends already own iphone?
    If yes then getting an iphone makes more sense.
    Remember all other OS (android, symbian, windows mobile phones etc) will talk between each other, but iphones talk only with iphones.
    Be it bluetooth file transfer or sharing a media server pc or using facetime.
  4. Do you consider yourself an advanced user?
    Do you like to spend few hours a day modifying your phone options, installing new programs, modifying looks and everything, if you are a kind of person who would like to jailbreak his iphone, then you will be better of buying an android instead. Or on the otherhand, if you don’t want to spend much time on the core functionality of the phone get an iPhone, might save you some essential time.
  5. Are you into games more or you tend to search & use productive apps more?
    If you are into gaming and don’t bother very much after alternative apps, you will be better off buying an iphone. On the otherhand if you like to try out apps until you are perfectly happy then go get an android.

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