Instagram, Benefits of Using over traditional Camera

Why use Instagram?

We all know photos taken by our mobiles will never be the same like the ones taken by costly dedicated cameras. Whenever a camera is in sight it supercedes the poor mobile in the pocket. Now instagram changes it all. With instagram being already available on iOS and as well as android.. its got to be something for you to try out


  1. Snap the picture,
  2. Transfer to computer using cable/ card reader
  3. Fireup Photoshop or other editing software, spend sometime editing.
  4. Login to Facebook/Foursquare/Twitter , upload the photo.
    You might need to do this for each of your social networks.


Snap, select filter & share.

Mind you with the right effects, whichever effects you like,
the photo might look even interesting and better than the ones taken by a camera.

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