Reliance Tab vs Ipad, a short review

The goods


  1. Capacitive touch screen : Its a 7-inch capacitive screen, in layman’s term its the best touch technology available till now with Multi touch capability, which means you can do pinch to zoom, play multi touch games etc.
  2. Bundled 3g Package: Reliance has added few wonderful 3g plans for the tab, if you go with the annual package for 1GB per month 3g plan it is costing 375 rs a month, and if you use it wisely 1GB is quite enough for using it on the go (in house or in office wifi is the better option) (Full Tariffs)
  3. Android OS: Only thing which can compare to iOS in present days is google’s Android, thanks to its open in nature and versatility, this is a perfect OS for a tablet.. Moreover the wonderful market place is just a topping to this 7″ tablet. Tab comes with android 2.3 gingerbread, which is quite stable as a OS, however I guess in near future.. if you are a techy person this can be upgraded to Honeycomb.
  4. Also a Phone: Ipad doesn’t let you call your friends even in its costlier 3g avatar, reliance tab does that, and at 7″ diagonal screen.. it can be easily used as a phone when needed.
  5. SD Card Slot: It comes with a free 4gb micro sdhc card and you can upgrade to 32gb microsdhc which comes nowadays at around 2.2K if you need to store in lots of movies and songs, even the sleek latest Galaxy tab doesn’t have a sd card slot, neither do ipad have.. so you are stuck with the internal memory with those.
  6. Good Battery: 3400mAH, this battery is approx 3 times powerful than the latest incarnation of high end mobile phones, letting the tab be used to its full potential.
  7. Light Weight: Its almost half the weight of an Ipad (389gms)
  8. Camera: Tab boasts of both side 2MP camera, that will let you wonderful video chat facility, however the camera is not a very good one in low light condition (this issue is with all tabs), even ipad’s front facing camera is of much lower resolution.
  9. Low Price : 13K INR, thats less than half of the cheapest ipad and 4 times less than the highest ipad model (64gb, wifi 3g)

Unboxing the Reliance Tab


  1. Processing : Its 800Mhz, my hd2 phone itself runs at 1.2Ghz, it would have been good if it was at least 1Ghz, however at this price, I shouldn’t wish for a dual core.
  2. Internal memory: 512MB only, thats too low, however since Froyo apps can be moved on to the SD, so shouldn’t be an issue.
  3. Reliance Branding: Android itself is a wonderful OS without any customization, reliance customizations should be removed to get full performance, however this can be easily done, by installing other launchers like Go Launcher and removing reliance launcher & apps.
  4. Locked to Reliance: Initially this will be locked to reliance and unless some techguru unlocks the tab, you cannot use any other 3g sim with this (actually this is not an big issue, since the data package reliance is giving is the cheapest available in India).

Ipad & Reliance Tab Side by Side

Final Words

If you have the bucks, then definitely buy an ipad2, if you are short on green get the reliance tab. Bharti has come up with its tab but its resistive touch and most other cheap tabs are also resistive, avoid them at all cost. And I must say reliance is probably selling this tab at no or very less profit, they want to cash in on the 3g subscription.

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