Windows Phone 7.5 Tango reviewed

After spending few days with windows phone 7.5 tango, here are my feelings which I’m sure any user of all mobile OS’s will share.

I hate to say that it will take quite sometime before windows phone can catch up with android or ios.
Simply the lack of a good application environment forced me to quit in few days.

Don’t take me wrong, here are few good pointers of Windows Phone

Advantage :

  • Metro ui implementation of Microsoft is wonderful,
  • Icon less feeling is a big thing and I kinda liked it.

Disadvantage :

  • No official dropbox support,
  • Twitter, facebook integration with metro ui looked fantastic initially, hated it few hours latter .
  • Default dialer is pathetic,
  • There’s not much one can do about sms and email,
  • Little competition in the market for any useful apps.

Summing it up, Windows phone OS has miles to go before it appeal to the masses.

However, I guess if one would have got stuck with tango, and had no other options, he might have liked it.
But people with other options will definitely switch over.

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