Tilt Shift Photography with Picsay on Android Mobile

So you must have been urging for the wonderful effect which comes from that costly DSLR’s. In Tilt Shift shallow depth of field is simulated clearly depicting the actual object/person, so that the rest remains in the background. Simple isnt it. Yes its simple to do with Picsay. Believe me, once you can do this on your photos.. you will become the envy of your followers. Time for some massive instagramming.

This guide assumes that you have Picsay pro installed on your mobile, if you don’t yet have the pro version, please go get it.. its worth every penny.

Take a good photo with your mobile camera and share it to the Picsay App

Press menu and select Effect from the menu. Scroll down and choose Tilt-Shift

Apply a decent percentage and adjust the density area by dragging the line over your main focus object. Touch the green Check.


Here’s how mine came out. Try out doing the tilt shift double times, to get this effect

Off you go to share the awesome photos on instagram and facebook  and be the envy of the mass.

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